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Codex Gigas: The ‘Devil’s Bible’ Is Largest And Most Mysterious Medieval Manuscript Ever Found


There is a mysterious manuscript called Codex Gigas that is housed in the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm that has been nicknamed “the Devil’s Bible,” due to the legend surrounding the text’s creation. The manuscript is the largest medieval manuscript ever found, and is believed to have been created in the Benedictine monastery of…

Viking mass grave linked to elite killers of the medieval world

Viking Mass grave medieval Dorset

A mass grave found in Dorset could belong to a crew of Viking mercenaries who terrorised Europe in the 11th century – according to a new documentary on National Geographic which pieces together the story behind the burial. A crew of Viking mercenaries – some of the fiercest and most feared killers in the medieval…

Meet the Knights of ‘Knights of Mayhem’

I have received quite a few emails and comments regarding the National Geographic Reality Show Knights of Mayhem. There is a definate polarization of those that love the show and those that hate it, vehemently! I’m going to wait and give you my final judgement when the show is over. But until then, for those…

Knights of Mayhem

Knights of Mayhem

It looks like the National Geographic Channel beat the History Channel in the race for the first jousting reality show. The History Channel is currently producing Full Metal Jousting set to air in 2012. Knights of Mayhem, produced by the National Geographic Channel, airs the first two episodes this Tuesday, 15 November at 2100 EST….

Medieval Warfare, Wounds, and Disease, for the General Audience

A conference that looks like great fun: Dancing with Death: Warfare, Wounds and Disease in the Middle Ages. It is being held October 20th to 22nd at the California University of Pennsylvania, located 35 miles south northeast of Pittsburgh, is free, and is not only open to the public but aimed at a general audience,…