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MAP#38 – Medieval Archaeology News

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I was first introduced to archaeology as a kid and up on the movie screen was a whip carrying, fedora wearing relic hunter. When Indiana Jones wasn’t fighting Nazis or running for his life he was on a quest to gather ancient artifacts. Today on the Medieval Archives Podcast we are going to examine real…

Northampton Castle finds include 10th Century lamps

10th century lamps | Medieval Archives

Objects dating back to the 10th Century have been discovered at the location of Northampton’s new railway station. The latest finds by archaeologists at the site, once home to Northampton Castle, include a medieval silver penny and two Saxon oil lamps. Andy Chapman from Northamptonshire Archaeology said: “The findings helped to paint a picture of…

Northampton’s medieval castle remains to be brought to the surface

Northampton Castle

The underground remains of Northampton Castle could be brought to the surface under new proposals to regenerate a historic area of the town. Dr Marie Dickie, a member of the Friends of Northampton Castle (FONC), believes exposing some of the remains of the medieval site would bring both social and economic benefits to the town….

The time starts now to save our medieval past

A new project has been launched to save Northampton’s rich medieval heritage. Residents, volunteers, councillors and project leaders lined up on Saturday to take part in a heritage walk in Northampton’s Castle Ward area to promote the important historical sites that are in need of support. About 30 people met at the Black Lion Pub…