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Notre Dame Fire: Pictures

Notre Dame Fire: Video

Notre Dame on Fire Fire engulfs Notre Dame Spire Collapses Full Notre Dame Fire coverage (NBC News, 5 hours)

Live Coverage: Notre Dame Fire

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was engulfed in flames on Monday, police said, causing untold damage to the iconic building just days before Easter Sunday. Cause of the fire is still undetermined.

A Journey to Medieval Paris by Stew Ross

Hotel de Sens

On a warm summer day in 1965, a 10-year old boy, his parents, and their tour guide stood in front of the Place de la Concorde in Paris watching an endless swirl of cars and Vespa motor scooters. The guide was explaining the significance of the plaza to the events of the French Revolution when…

MAP#39 – 7 Steps To Become a Historian

Historian | Medieval Archives

How do you become a historian? I get asked that questions a lot. So today I’ll answer it. We will look at 7 steps you can take to begin your journey through history. We’ll also look at some of the jobs you can get as a historian. The list may surprise you. If you’re a…