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Notre Dame Fire: Pictures

Notre Dame Fire: Video

Notre Dame on Fire Fire engulfs Notre Dame Spire Collapses Full Notre Dame Fire coverage (NBC News, 5 hours)

Live Coverage: Notre Dame Fire

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was engulfed in flames on Monday, police said, causing untold damage to the iconic building just days before Easter Sunday. Cause of the fire is still undetermined.

The Vikings Podcast #310: The Dead


Well it’s here the season finale! Will Ragnar live to fight another season? Will the Vikings conquer Paris or take their payment and head home? Will Gisla marry Odo? And what is the fate of Rollo? Find out on another great episode of Vikings! On this episode of The Vikings Podcast we’ll review and recap…

The Vikings Podcast #308: To The Gates!


Let the siege begin! Ragnar and his army of Vikings assault Paris on two fronts. Will splitting the his army prove effective? Will Floki’s towers help them win the day? Princess Gisla finds divine inspiration with the banner of Saint Denis. Will Denis protect Paris and keep the pagans out? Will the Vikings conquer the…

The Vikings Podcast #307: Paris


The Vikings have arrived at Paris and Emperor Charles is nervous. Will he flee the city or listen to his daughter and stay? Count Odo is ready to defend Paris and win the hand of Princess Gisla. Ragnar is dealing with the death of Athelstan and puts Floki in charge of the raid on Paris….

The Vikings Podcast #306: Born Again


In Wessex, Judith gives birth to a boy but pays for her sins! In Kattegat, Bjorn is the father to a new little girl and Porunn wants him to find happiness with another woman. Floki is in a dark place and ready to rid the vikings of the Christain God and Athelstan finds a renewed…

The Vikings Podcast #305: The Usurper


Ragnar and his vikings return to kattegat to find that life has changed. Rollo is distraught over the death of Siggy, Bjorn and Porunn are growing apart, Ragnar and Aslaug are having trouble and Lagertha finds out about Calf, The Usurper! Floki knows all about The Wanderer and his true identity, but will he tell…

A Journey to Medieval Paris by Stew Ross

Hotel de Sens

On a warm summer day in 1965, a 10-year old boy, his parents, and their tour guide stood in front of the Place de la Concorde in Paris watching an endless swirl of cars and Vespa motor scooters. The guide was explaining the significance of the plaza to the events of the French Revolution when…

Students embark on history crusade

A group of students from The University of Queensland will travel to southern France next July as part of a course in medieval history. They will study themes of crusade, conquest and colonisation in the High Middle Ages, by examining their impact on European society and culture. Course coordinator Dr Kriston Rennie said the aim…

The golden chalice of the great Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis

French 12th Century (cup Alexandrian 2nd/1st Century B.C.) French 12th Century (artist) Chalice of the Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis, 2nd/1st century B.C. (cup); 1137-1140 (mounting) sardonyx cup with heavily gilded silver mounting, adorned with filigrees set with stones, pearls, glass insets, and opaque white glass pearls overall (height): 18.4 cm (7 1/4 in.) overall (diam….

Medieval Masterworks from Court of Burgundy Leave France for First and Only U.S. Tour in 2010

A group of 40 of the greatest masterpieces of medieval sculpture, which have never before been presented together outside of France, will be on view at the Dallas Museum of Art from October 3, 2010 through January 2, 2011, as part of a first and only seven-city exhibition tour in the United States. Carved by…

BBC Two announces new factual shows

Filthy Cities will be presented by Dan Snow and will bring to life the histories of London, New York and Paris. Snow will discover how these places went from being filthy cities to modern metropolises. Using CGI, he will travel back in time to uncover the battle against filth during each city’s defining era –…