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Pope Formosus; Died 04 April 896

Formosus was born in 816 but little is known of his upbringing. He became the Cardinal Bishop of Porto, Italy in 864. Formosus was excommunicated in July 872 on the charges of deserting his diocese without papal permission, aspiring to the position of Archbishop of Bulgaria and despoiling the cloisters of Rome. His excommunication was…

MAP#60: Council of Constance: Heretics, Schism and the Teutonic Knights


Six hundred years ago Anti-Pope John XXIII called the Council of Constance. It was an ecumenical council recognized by the Roman Catholic Church and began in November 1414. The main purpose of the Council was to end the Western Schism. In 1414 three Popes ruled the Catholic Church, Anti-Popes John XXIII and Benedict XIII and…

2013 Medieval Year in Review: Podcasts

Medieval Archives 2013 Rock of Cashel

2013 featured some great podcast episodes. I enjoyed all the episodes but some stood out from the rest. We looked at lost kings, French Princes invading England, epic medieval battles, interviewed authors and musicians, and explored steps you can take to become a historian. Below is the list of the Top 5 podcast episodes for…

MAP#36 – Popes Behaving Badly

St Peter struck by lightning

The Pope, the Bishop of Rome, successor of Saint Peter and leader of the Catholic Church. Pious men aspire to the chair and humbly accept the position. At least that’s what we’d like to believe. But not all popes were righteous men, some weren’t even Christian! In this episode of the Medieval Archives Podcast we…

Papal election Infographic

Wondering how a Pope is elected? What is the papal election, or conclave process? Does black smoke or white smoke mean a pope has been elected? Here is a good infographic explaining conclave process. Infographic created by Antonio Farach