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New database reveals ancestor veterans of the Hundred Years War


If you’ve ever wondered whether your ancestors served as a medieval soldier in the Hundred Years War, a newly launched website from historians at the universities of Southampton and Reading may have the answer. The names of over 3,500 French soldiers linked to the Battle of Agincourt (1415) have been added to The Soldier in…

Search Is On for King Henry I, Who May Be Buried Under a Parking Lot

Henry I Reading Abbey

Looking for a dead medieval king? You might want to check under a parking lot. That theory, at least, is on the minds of archaeologists and historians in Reading, about 40 miles west of London, who this week will begin searching for the high altar of the abbey founded by King Henry I. They believe…

Five missing medieval kings and queens – and where we might find them

Henry I

As a second carpark becomes the suspected burial site of a medieval English monarch, we wonder: who else is still under the tarmac? As 2016 begins, the recent public interest in hunting for royal burials shows no sign of abating. Hardly has the dust begun to settle on Richard III’s expensive new tomb in Leicester…