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Saint Nicholas of Flüe; Died 21 March 1487

Nicholas was born in 1417 in Unterwalden, Switzerland. Nicholas joined the army at age 21 and took part in many battles, including the Battle of Ragaz in 1446. Nicholas was a distinguished soldier and retired at age 37. It’s reported that he fought with a sword in one hand and a rosary in the other….

Relic of Beheaded Medieval Swedish King Might Be Authentic

Eric IX the Saint

To open a medieval reliquary containing a saint’s bones, you have to have a good reason, said Sabine Sten. Sten is an osteoarchaeologist (a type of scientist who studiesskeletal remains from archaeological sites) at Uppsala University in Sweden. Two years ago, she got permission to open a reliquary (a container used to hold objects deemed…

Mapping Miracles: Cambridge project on Medieval hagiography

St George

Saints and miracles in today’s Church are connected through the canonization process. Usually, for a person to be beatified, and then canonized, a miracle by their intercession must be verified. But this saint-miracle connection is older than the process of canonization, and the stories of saints from the earliest times are often accompanied by tales…