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Medieval Sword Discovered in Stone Enchants Bosnians


In a real-life Bosnian version of the Arthurian legend, a rare medieval sword has been found plunged into solid rock at the bottom of a river in Bosnia, thrilling historians and romantics alike. A medieval hand-and-a-half-long sword rammed into stone, discovered this summer at the bottom of the river Vrbas in Bosnia, has been hailed…


Vikings Ragnar Lothbrock played by Travis Fimmel

We featured a video from Man at Arms: Reforged when the forged a replica of Ulfberht the legendary Viking sword. This year they are creating a replica of Ragnar’s Axe from Vikings just in time for Season 5! Watch the video to see how they forge the axe and how they test it at the…

Medieval sword discovered in a Polish peat bog


Completely preserved medieval sword from the 14th century has been discovered at a peat bog near Hrubieszów. The finder donated the artefact to the local Fr. Stanisław Staszic Museum. “This is a unique find in the region” – said Bartłomiej Bartecki, director of the museum. The sword was discovered last week in the Commune of…

Ulfberht Viking Sword – MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED

Viking Sword

Man at Arms: Reforged is a web series following thew bladesmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword. A lot of their creations are for movies, but recently they tackled the king of Viking swords…the Ulfberht. Watch how they forge the blade in the video below and decide if they get it right.

Hiker finds 1,200-yr-old Viking sword in Norway

Viking Sword

The sword, found at Haukeli in central southern Norway will be sent for conservation at the The University Museum of Bergen. Jostein Aksdal, an archeologist with Hordaland County said the sword was in such good condition that if it was given a new grip and a polish, it could be used today. He said that…

American Ninja Warrior gets medieval!

American Ninja Warrior Medieval

How does American Ninja Warrior relate to the Middle Ages? Well there’s some exciting news coming out of the Archives today! Besides medieval history one of my other passions is martial arts and with that comes a love of fitness. Or at least a need to stay fit to excel in martial arts. Last fall…

Barbie Romanus: A New 3D Printing Kickstarter


Last summer we featured a Kickstarter campaign creating medieval armor for Barbie. Creator Zheng3(Jim Rodda) is taking Barbie back in time again! His new Kickstarter campaign, Faire Play 2: When in Rome sends Barbie back to Ancient Rome with her own chariot. Everybody always makes a big deal about Barbie’s corvette, but who needs a…

Medieval Barbie…finally!


Barbie is an icon of American toys spanning the last 55 years. She has weathered the years well and even acquired a Dream House, Corvette, Jeep and various other material luxuries. But there always seemed to be something missing from Barbie’s vast collection…swords! Now thanks to Jim Rodda, Barbie has a sword and a full…

Weapons that made Britain with Mike Loades

Weapons that made Britain

The 2004 documentary Weapons that made Britain is now available on YouTube. All five full length episodes are available to view. Click on the Playlist link to watch all five episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL33CD68D56EB96300 You can watch the first episode The Sword, below and read Mike Loades comments after the video. Thanks to Randy at Tameshigiri.ca/ for…

Couple discover 33ft deep medieval well beneath their living room

medieval well

A couple have discovered they are sitting on a piece of history after uncovering a 33ft-deep medieval well under their sofa. But although Colin Steer, 61, is fascinated by the historic find, his wife Vanessa certainly isn’t and even made her husband wait more than two decades after it was first spotted to begin exploring…

Medieval Olympics at Dover Castle

Dover Castle

On your marks, get set and go to Dover Castle for Medieval Olympics on special dates throughout July, when King Henry II and the bravest champions assemble to put on 12th century style games. Families are welcome to come and try their hands at skills which made a fighting man – or woman – of…

Austria’s crown jewels offer a unique insight into medieval Europe

Austria Imperial crown jewels medieval

The octagonal crown fashioned from pure gold is studded with 144 precious stones and just as many pearls yet it is a priceless artifact for other reasons. The crown almost certainly once graced the head of the first German emperor Otto I more than 1,000 years ago. For hundreds of years it has been one…