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The River Thames, A Not-So-Secret Treasure Trove

Thames River artifacts

In the United Kingdom, British archaeologists have made a number of significant discoveries as of late, from the battered remains of King Richard III — found buried beneath a parking lot — to, more recently, a 14th-century burial ground for plague victims in London. British soil is, in fact, full of traces of the past….

Floating walkway to open up London’s hidden past

A mile-long floating walkway on London’s river Thames is being planned in the heart of the capital, allowing views of the city’s hidden alleys, wharves and landmarks dating back to medieval times. The pontoon, known as the “London River Park”, will connect Blackfriars Bridge, on the western edge of the ancient city, and the Tower…

Book: The Mysterium by Paul Doherty

A hooded assassin hums a tune as he lashes his victim to a rotting corpse and hurls him to his death in the freezing inky blackness of the Thames. This is London in March 1304, a city of thatched roofs, cold winds, Lenten fasting, spindle-thin alleyways…and murder. Amidst all the death, avarice, greed and lust…

Medieval Archives Podcast: Episode 10 – The Tower of London

Fortress Friday – Halloween Special During the month of October Fortress Friday will be exploring the paranormal. Throughout Europe there are stories of ghost sightings and strange occurrences. In a 6-part series we will look at some of the most haunted Castles in Europe. The final castle in our series is The Tower of London….

New US Embassy Adopts Defenses From Middle Ages

A US embassy is expected to extend the welcoming hand of democracy—while maintaining a 30-meter zone of blast protection. Such was the challenge facing KieranTimberlake when the architectural firm entered a State Department competition to design a new embassy on the banks of the Thames in London. Its winning plan, to be built by 2017,…