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Backyard Bonanza: Medieval Outhouses and Roman Roads Unearthed


Backyards haven’t changed much over the past 1,000 years or so, new archaeological findings suggest. Rubbish pits, storage areas, outhouses, wells and short walls to keep the neighbors at bay are a few of the things that archaeologists in England recently unearthed while digging beneath an old bus depot in the city of Leicester. Dating…

Richard III Re-interment Service LIVE Stream Replay

King Richard III

A replay of the Richard III re-interment service on 23 March 2015. Live stream courtesy of The Telegraph

BBC launches Richard III on WhatsApp

King Richard III

The BBC is launching a Richard III WhatsApp alert service which will follow the king’s story in the month of his reburial. The discovery of the king’s skeleton beneath a Leicester car park in August 2012 attracted worldwide interest. His remains will be reinterred at Leicester Cathedral on 26 March, after his coffin is taken…

MAP#62: Kristie Dean and The World of Richard III


We are two weeks away from the beginning of the Richard III re-interment ceremonies. Leicester will be packed with dignitaries, tourist and medievalists to witness the final procession of Richard from Leiscester to Bosworth and back. On the last episode we talked to David Monteith, the Dean of Leicester Cathedral about the Cathedral and the…

MAP#61: David Monteith Dean of Leicester Cathedral and King Richard III

Dean David Monteith

Three years ago archaeologists began a dig to discover the lost remains of King Richard III. Unbelievably they found his remains the very first day! It took over a week of careful excavation to uncover and exhume his bones. The bones were sent to the University of Leicester for analysis. After months of testing and…

Richard III to be reburied at Leicester cathedral in March

Richard III Skull

We first reported on the confirmation of King Richard III’s remains back in February 2013. It was announced earlier this month that Richard III ‘s reburial will take place at Leicester Cathedral in March 2015. ~The Archivist Richard III will be reburied at Leicester cathedral next March, it has been announced. The reinterment service will…

Richard III Internship: Year 12 pupils to work with archaeologists who discovered Richard III

Richard III Skull

Calling all Year 12 students in the Leicester area! This would be an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in History or Archaeology. Get your applications in now. Press Release: Year 12 students around the country have a unique opportunity to work side by side with the University of Leicester archaeologists who discovered King Richard III….

MAP#35 – Richard III: Lost and Found

The medieval-verse was all abuzz the last couple of weeks about an exciting archaeology find. Back in August 2012 the University of Leicester started a search for the lost remains of King Richard III. Richard was killed during the Battle of Bosworth, the final major battle of the Wars of the Roses. King Richard’s death…

Early medieval manuscripts give new view of English life under the Normans

The culmination of a pioneering international project which has uncovered new insights on Norman England is to be celebrated on Wednesday 10th November at 3.30pm at the University of Leicester. A new study of early medieval manuscripts written in the English language has revealed that the Normans, who conquered England in 1066, were not the…